YA Keller Book Festival celebrates its third year


“Any festival that promotes reading and books among teens is a place I want to be,” said Jessica Brody (Unremembered).

The YAK Festival takes place in Ft. Worth, Texas, in order to connect teens in the community to popular authors.

Since it’s inception three years ago, YAK has boasted a list of authors and panels that will turn heads of new readers and old fans alike.

“When I was a teenager, I wasn’t a big reader. I barely read the books that were assigned to me in school. But back then YA wasn’t a genre. We didn’t have huge events like YAK Fest aimed at bringing authors and readers together and bring a sense of excitement to books. I’d like to believe that if these kind of festivals existed when I was a teen, I might have been a bigger fan of reading,” said Brody.

From panels on post-apocalytic survival to Murder & Madness, authors flock from across the country to participate and interact with readers.

“It gives teen readers a chance to meet authors, learn about a career as a writer, and share their passion for reading with others,” said Victoria Scott (Fire & Flood), a returning guest to the festival.

Although it began as a venue for students from Keller Independent School District (KISD) Central High School, it has branched out to attract dozens of readers from all over Texas.

“As an author, I get to mingle with fans and talk and laugh and explore stories and ideas and characters, and even get to be a fan girl myself,” revealed Joy Preble, author of Sweet Dead Life.

There is no cost to attend the festival, which will run from 9 to 5 on January 25th. Visit the YAK Festival website to find out more.

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