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Welcome to YA Got Mail!, our weekly link round-up. Time to take a look at other interesting blog posts, Tweets, and articles that have hit the web this past week. What else is happening in the YA world?

Tweet of the Week

This month’s blogging lesson? We need *way* more contemp YA Romances that A) pass the Bechdel-Wallace Test + B) feature/are written by PoC

— Dahlia Adler (@MissDahlELama) October 13, 2015

Meg Rosoff on Inclusion in Books

Edi responded to Rosoff’s comments about her blog post with a follow-up post on why writing inclusively is more than just an agenda.

Camryn Garrett responded to Meg Rosoff’s comments with a list of ways to tell you might be suffering from white privilege. Kaye M. wrote an open letter in response to Rosoff’s words: this is how she lives now. Linda Sue Parks also responded to Rosoff in an open letter, as did Robert Bivouac.

Ceilidh dissected the “unbearable whiteness” of Meg Rosoff and Reading While White examined the privilege of white authors and called for a challenge of White as the default narrative.

Nafiza at The Book Wars followed with a defense of diversity. Deb Reese commented on the idea of Rosoff’s next book, which features a Native American woman, as well as rounding up posts of responses to Rosoff.

Rosoff followed up and double down on her comments in an interview with The Guardian.

 Bonus Tweet of the Week

“Books don’t have a job. Books are there to teach people about the world.” OHMYFUCKINGGODTHATISAJOB!!!!!!

— That Black Ghoul (@tehawesomersace) October 11, 2015

Representation in YA

A contributor to MTV discussed her issues with Jennifer Niven’s portrayal of mental illness in Jennifer Niven’s All the Bright Places.

Kelly Jensen talked abortion in YA literature and why it matters. 

Author Marieke Nijkamp wrote a love letter to Nancy Garden’s Annie On My Mind.

Author Affairs

Ryan Graudin visited EW to talk about her highly-anticipated new novel Wolf by Wolf and revealed that it has a sequel

Krystal Sutherland’s We Were Never Here will no longer be confined to Australia now that its rights are sold to the U.K., according to The Bookseller.

Meg Medina talked about her role in the world as an author of realistic YA. Author Kameron Hurley wrote about becoming a writer in the digital era.

MTV followed up on the charity race between Maggie Stiefvater and John Green, where Stiefvater won and Green set his car on fire.

Rick Riordan teased that Percy Jackson’s Annabeth might appear in his new Magnus Chase series.

Stephenie Meyer talked to The Guardian about Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined, while Hypable asks: why does Life and Death mean for the future of YA?

Rainbow Rowell talked to Buzzfeed and played an epic game of would-you-rather, including why she couldn’t be a villain.

List Fulfillment

Libertad Araceli Thomas talked books with interracial romance in YA and on covers in her guest post for Stacked. Barnes & Noble Teen shared a list of books to read for National Coming Out Day. Shelly at Read, Sleep, Repeat compiled a list of 15 ‘diverse’ YA verse novels.

Stacked shared a list of stories about refugees

Bustle listed 14 things that should have been in the Harry Potter films. Author Emma Mills shared 5 YA books that can nourish your soul with Bustle.

Angel at Book Riot paired YA Romances with Taylor Swift songs. Bustle listed 9 YA books that’ll pull you in from the get-go.

YA Interrobang Highlights

Nicole examined the treatment of Slytherins in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Author Emma Mills talked writing and her YA debut First & Then.

Independent author Jess Harpley talked overcoming depression and her book The Mill.

YA Got Mail! round-ups done by Tara Hackley and Nicole Brinkley.

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