YA Got Mail! Link round-up (March 5).


Welcome to YA Got Mail!, our weekly link round-up. What else is happening in the YA world?

Tweet of the Week

Author Affairs

​David Levithan and Rachel Cohn chatted with EW about the sequel to Dash and ​Lily’s Book of Dares. Tim Federle spoke with Publisher’s Weekly about his first YA novel The Great American Whatever.

Harriet Reuter Hapgood, Marianne Levy, Jenny McLachlan, and Holly Smale shared with Bustle why they write funny YA.

Representation and Responsibility

Angela Thomas’s YA debut, The Hate U Give, a novel inspired by the Black Lives Matter Movement, is finally acquired by Balzer+Bray after a bidding war.

Sarah Foot at the Daily Mail claimed that YA novels are too “dark.” In a fabulous rebuttal, confessionsofabooklover took to The Guardian to refute Sarah’s stance. Anna Bradely also took to The Guardian to talk about how reading fantasy can inspire us to live in the real world.​

Molly McCardle created a definite list of things people in the publishing industry at all levels can do to end publisher’s diversity problem.

List Fulfillment

​Barnes & Noble’s Teen blog named the 28 YA books they’re most excited for this March. Paste Magazine named the top 10 March YA books they’re looking forward to. Bustle weighed in as well with their 18 most anticipated releases this month.

Caroline Kovach over at Bustle rounded up 13 YA novels that tackle tough issues.

Jamie at Perpetual Page Turner listed 10 books set outside the U.S.​

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