What authors received YA book deals in December?


What authors received YA book deals this month?


“Heroes” actress Dana L. Davis’s Seven Days of Stone sold to Harlequin Teen for publication in summer 2018. In the wake of her mother’s death, a girl travels from Chicago to Los Angeles to live with a man who may not be her real father.

Crystal Chan’s All That I Can Fix sold to Simon Pulse for publication in summer 2018. A teenager of mixed race finds his world turned upside-down after his father’s failed suicide attempt – and then again when a zoo of exotic animals is set loose near his home.

Lindsay Champion’s Someday, Somewhere sold to KCP Loft for publication in spring 2018. Worlds collide after a chance encounter leads to a relationship based on lies between a rich teen violin prodigy and a girl from New Jersey transfixed by his performance at Carnegie Hall.

Elizabeth Acevedo’s The Poet X sold to HarperCollins for publication in winter 2018. Xiomara Santiago is a writer struggling with faith, family, and romantic feelings when she discovers the power of slam poetry.

Meg Leder’s Saving Major Tom sold to Simon Pulse for publication in spring 2018. Parker McCullough’s anxiety spirals out of control; street art inspires her to abandon her internship and turn towards a summer of discovery.

Laura Silverman’s Without Answers sold to Sourcebooks Fire. Sparks fly between a struggling Valedictorian-to-be and his tutor, but when Neo-Nazis lash out against his family, he seeks answers and discovers the intricate identity of being Jewish in America.

Atia Abawi’s A Land of Permanent Goodbyes sold to Philomel for publication in 2018. Tareq loses his family in an airstrike and begins a journey from Syria to Europe with his sister.


Stacey Lee’s Dear Miss Sweetie sold to Putnam for publication in 2018, along with a second untitled novel. A Chinese teenager in 1890s Atlanta moonlights as the pseudonymous author of an advice column; when a black man is accused of assaulting a white woman, “Miss Sweetie” uses her pen to try to change the outcome of the trial.

Teri Bailey Black’s YA Girl at the Grave sold to Tor Teen for publication in summer 2018. Murder strikes a small New England town in the early 1800s, forcing Valentine Deluca to find the killer on her own before she’s arrested and hanged for a witch.

Joy McCullough-Carranza’s Blood/Water/Paint sold to Dutton for publication in 2018. This novel-in-verse is based off of the true story of teenage Italian Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi.

Science Fiction

Emily Skrutskie’s Hullmetal Girls sold to Delacorte for publication in summer 2018. Two girls risk everything for new lives as mechanically enhanced soldiers, but when a rebellion forces dark secrets to the surface, the fate of the fleet is left in their hands.

Erin Bowman’s Contagion, along with a sequel, sold to HarperTeen to release in spring 2018 and spring 2019. Two teens working internships for a drilling conglomerate discover one survivor on an otherwise empty planet after they are coerced into checking a distress call from a research crew light years away.

Erica Cameron’s Pax Novis trilogy sold to Entangled Teen for publication beginning in 2018. Human colonies spread across the Milky Way have been at war for centuries, but stoaway teens hiding on-board the NOVIS may be humankind’s only hope when the resource ships begin to vanish.


Laura Sebastian’s fantasy trilogy sold to Delacorte, with the first book Ash Princess to release in spring 2018. Theodosia was six when her mother was murdered; ten years later, she’s learned how to survive, but when magically-gifted rebels infiltrate, she bands with them to seduce and murder the prince.

Roshani Chokshi will write three novellas set in her Star-Touched Queen universe. More publication details are not yet available.

Erica Sage’s Madness Happens Here sold to Sky Pony Press for publication in spring 2018. A snarky teen skeptic can’t get over his sister’s suicide until the ghost of Jack Kerouac and an over-the-top Jesus Camp force him to confront his role in her death.

Tochi Onyebuchi’s Beasts Made of Night sold to Razorbill for publication in fall 2017. Sin can be transferred from sinner to sin-eater; one sin-eater uncovers a dark secret and pust rely on his talents to save the kingdom and his life in this Nigerian-inspired fantasy.


Gabby Rivera will write America, a comic series starring queer Latinx superhero America Chavez, for Marvel. The first issue will hit shelves on March 2017.

Graphic Novel

Lisa Brown’s Living Doll sold to First Second Books for publication in 2019. Two conjoined twins remain connected after one dies during an operation to separate them.

Genre Unspecified

Ann Aguirre’s Like Never and Always sold to Tor Teen for publication 2018, with a second book to follow in 2019. A girl awakes from a car crash that killed her best friend to discover everyone calling her by her best friend’s name – and when she looks in the mirror, it’s not her face anymore.

Jennifer Niven’s next two YA books sold to Knopf, with the first to be published in 2018; no further details are available.


Carrie Ann DiRisio’s Brooding YA Hero’s Guide to Achieving Main Character Status sold to Sky Pony Press. The “self-help” guide and activity book, narrated by @BroodingYAHero, will poke fun at YA tropes.

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  1. I’m definitely looking forward to a lot of these, especially Stacey Lee’s Dear Miss Sweetie and Roshani Chokshi’s novellas. 🙂
    Also, just a correction, but the upcoming book by Atia Abawi is A Land of Permanent Goodbyes. The Secret Sky was her debut novel.