YA authors run 5k marathon for charity


On July 19th, author Susan Dennard (Something Strange and Deadly) and aspiring author Melody Simpson will host YA Runs A 5K in Philadelphia, a charity race that will help bring the book community together while also giving back.

YA Runs A 5K is raising money for First Book, a charity that helps gives books to children who can’t otherwise get them. The official race is part of The Color Run, but Dennard and Simpson want to organize a group of readers and writers who love YA to join them. Those who can’t make it to Philadelphia can participate in a Virtual Run to support the charity.

“We knew we wanted to do something ‘literary’ since we’re both writers and avid readers,” said Dennard. “I just love [First Book’s] mission and how easy they make it to do a fundraiser,” she said.

Simpson first came up with the idea. She reached out to Dennard after reading about charity in Dennard’s Misfits & Daydreamers newsletter.

“Within just a few emails,” Simpson said, “we had The Color Run and First Book picked out and were well on our way to launching YA Runs A 5K!”

Any donation to the campaign enters participants in a raffle for free books or a Kindle. Those who donate more than $40 can choose from a list of books, ARCs, and critiques for their own writing or queries. There will also be charity auctions for signed book, query critiques, and chapter critiques.

Dennard included critiques because of how many of her blog and newsletter’s readers enjoy her writing advice. Critiques became an interesting and helpful incentive to raise money for First Book.

“I know how awesome it is to have a shot at a professional critique or interaction with an agent when you’re still in the pre-book-deal phase  it’s almost impossible,” said Dennard.

For more on YA Runs a 5k, visit their website.

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