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among the shadows anthologyWhat’s better than one YA short story? Thirteen YA short stories! That’s exactly what the YA anthology Among the Shadows will deliver on September 14th.

“[There are] some stories that you’ll definitely want to read with the lights on, while others are dark in ways that will leave you thinking about them for days afterwards,” said organizer Kate Karyus Quinn.

Organized by Quinn, Mindy McGinnis and Demitria Lunetta, Among the Shadows will focus on the dichotomoy between light and dark. It will  feature short stories from a dozen YA authors, including Lenore Appelhans, Justina Ireland, Gretchen McNeil, Phoebe North and Beth Revis.

“We chose authors whose work we admire and who take lots of chances. Authors who are not afraid to go there,” said McGinnis.

“Then we individually approached each author on our list and asked them to join us,” said Lunetta. “We were prepared to bribe them with Mindy’s endless supply of kittens if necessary, but luckily they were all willing to come on board without any exchange of livestock.”

Lunetta spearheaded the project, which was was successfully funded on Kickstarter in under two days. Funding is still ongoing for those who would like to support the anthology, with plenty of perks still available.

“I’d been reading a lot of short story collections and thought it would be a great way to dip my toes into the world of self-publishing,” said Lunetta. “I also wanted to get a project out there before my next traditionally pubbed release. If I’ve learned anything from the last few years, Mindy and Kate make things more fun so I contacted them and asked them if they wanted to be involved as editors.

Putting together an anthology with a dozen authors is no easy task, especially with crowdsourced funding in mind. Imagine dozens of email chains, research and time with no knowledge as to whether or not it will even be funded.

“[Plus] lots of Beth Revis,” said McGinnis. “Research on and email chains about Beth Revis. No really, Beth was a great help to us while we brainstormed. She knows how to self-publish successfully, and having her as a resource was phenomenal.”

Revis, of course, is a very successful hybrid author. Her New York Times bestselling Across the Universe series, traditionally published by Penguin, was a huge success with a strong fanbase; her new self-published novel The Body Electric was met with equal love and an equally strong fanbase.

“It’s just such a great idea,” said Revis, who was excited to be brought on to the project. “I’m constantly on the lookout for new ways to reach readers and share my words, and this seemed like the perfect vehicle to do that. Group anthologies are about helping readers find new stories and new authors, and using Kickstarter to do it – and the fact that it was fully funded in less than 48 hours – really proves that this is something that readers want.”

Revis is particularly excited for the pieces from McGinnis and Gretchen McNeil.

“This really feels like a labor of love for readers; it’s about giving back to the community that reads our works.”

For more, visit Among the Shadows’ Kickstarter page.

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