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The holiday seasons have officially begun! And no matter your beliefs or habits, we can all agree on one thing: free books are always a good thing.

To celebrate, we’re giving away one complete set of Jacquelyn Mitchard’s Live Once series! The fantastic series follows Allie Kim who, allergic to the sun, spends her night learning Parkour – and witnessing a murder.

Allie Kim suffers from Xeroderma Pigmentosum: a fatal allergy to sunlight that confines her and her two best friends, Rob and Juliet, to the night. When freewheeling Juliet takes up Parkour—the stunt-sport of scaling and leaping off tall buildings—Allie and Rob have no choice but to join her, if only to protect her. Though potentially deadly, Parkour after dark makes Allie feel truly alive, and for the first time equal to the “daytimers.”

On a random summer night, the trio catches a glimpse of what appears to be murder. Allie alone takes it upon herself to investigate, and the truth comes at an unthinkable price. Navigating the shadowy world of specialized XP care, extreme sports, and forbidden love, Allie ultimately uncovers a secret that upends everything she believes about the people she trusts the most.

Fill out the form below to enter and win one set of the Live Once series. This giveaway is limited to those in the United States only. For more information on the book, visit Jacquelyn Mitchard’s website.

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  1. What made me smile? Putting up the Christmas tree! It’s white with purple balls (plastic because my cats fancy themselves as conquerors of Christmas trees.) That was pretty awesome. So was seeing Catching Fire and going to a bookstore for Black Friday. It’s the only Black Friday outing I ever do and the staff is so sweet they bring out a coffee, hot chocolate, and cookies cart to all the freezing people waiting in line outside.

  2. Seeing my cousin’s baby curl up with my husband on Thanksgiving made me smile. A lot. 🙂

  3. I smile a lot. Hahaha! But I think I smile the most is when my brother is having a good day. I smile when my brother achieves a goal in his life that he’s had, it makes me happy to see his face light up, and determination kicks in so he can push himself harder towards his next goal. He’s had a hard time, and we fight sometimes (lol sibling rivalry), but we are always there for each other. I always support him and have his back just as he does with me. I love to help him out in any way I can to make him happy, and help him acheive his latest goal in life- even though he usually turns me down and says he can do it himself, it still makes me smile to know that he can fight through his set backs and still find a way to achieve. So when I hear news of something that I know would make his day- I can help but get this ear to ear grin myself, knowing that he is still fighting his way through life.

    But I also smile a lot when I feast on cupcakes. I like to send my best friend a picture of me and a cupcake, saying “feasting on cupcakes tonight!!! Woooooo! Awesomeness.”
    I really do like cupcakes…..
    And they really do make me smile….



  4. I smile for many reasons! I like being happy! I smile about kittens and sunshine and cupcakes and good books. I really smiled tonight because my teen group at the Library wants to kind bomb our library!

  5. I’m spending my holidays away from a very toxic home environment. I ate thanksgiving with one of my favorite authors. I put up a huge, beautiful Christmas tree with my housemates, and we’re going to have an awesome Christmas. So much to smile about!