What authors recently received YA book deals? (March 25)


Update your wishlists with these authors and their recently received YA book deals.

Danielle Paige pens Snow Queen retelling

Danielle Paige’s new novel Stealing Snow will release from Bloomsbury in fall 2016, with a sequel to follow, according to USA Today. Stealing Snow – not to be confused with last year’s Snow White retelling Stitching Snow by R.C. Lewis – is a modern retelling of the Snow Queen fairy tale. Snow, who has no idea that she is the Snow Queen, escapes a New York mental institution and accidentally discovers Algic, a perpetually wintery world that mirrors her own dreams.

Ancient Indian alternate universe book sells to Random House

Random House Children’s bought Breeana Shields’ debut The Serpent’s Promise, according to Publisher’s Lunch. In an alternate world based on the mythology of ancient India, a girl trained as a “poison maiden” in the Raja’s service is ordered to kill a boy she cares for and begins to question the Raja’s end game.

Hyperion Children’s picks up debut Wildman

Hyperion Children’s bought J.C. Geiger’s debut Wildman in a two-book deal, according to Publisher’s Lunch. A valedictorian’s carefully-planned life changes when his car breaks down 400 miles from home and leaves him stranded at a roadhouse.

Simon & Schuster snags two new Ellen Hopkins novels

Simon & Schuster acquired two new novels from Ellen Hopkins, with the first to be published in 2016, according to Publisher’s Weekly and Publisher’s Lunch. Chameleon follows a teen coming to terms with her ex-military father abducting her as a child.

Luanne Rice YA sells to Scholastic

Luanne Rice sold her YA debut The Secret Language of Sisters sold to Scholastic for publication in 2016, according to Publisher’s Weekly. A girl enters a coma-like “locked-in” state after a car accident and discovers her sister, who was texting while driving, blames herself for the accident.

#famous sells to Katherine Tegen Books

Katherine Tegen Books acquired Jilly Gagnon’s debut #famous for publication in summer 2017, according to Publisher’s Weekly. A girl Tweets a photo of a cute boy that goes viral and sets off a chain of events that force them both question the price of fame and love.

New Erin Bow novel to Simon & Schuster

Simon & Schuster / McElderry acquired Erin Bow’s The Art of Scorpions for publication in fall 2015, according to Publisher’s Weekly. The UN assures world peace 400 years in the future by keeping the children of rulers hostage, but with Greta’s country about to go to war, she’ll have to break all the rules and re-make the world.

Amy Fellner Dominy sells to Delacorte

Amy Fellner Dominy’s Die for Me sold to Delacorte for publication in fall 2016, according to Publisher’s Weekly. Emma Lorde’s boyfriend may steal more than her heart when Emma is offered a year-long internship in Rome.

Relic finds new home at HarperCollins

HarperCollins’ imprint EpicReads Impulse picked up Gretchen McNeil’s Relic, which originally sold to Egmont USA, for publication in spring 2016, according to Publisher’s Weekly. A group of teens accidentally unleash a murderous creature while exploring an abandoned mine.

Two Len Vlahos novels to Bloomsbury

Bloomsbury acquired two new novels by Len Vlahos, according to Publisher’s Weekly. The first, House of Stone explores the right-to-die and will be published in winter 2017. Details on the second are currently unavailable.

Donna Cooner sells two novels to Scholastic

Donna Cooner sold two new YA novels to Scholastic, according to Publisher’s Weekly. The first, Worthy, follows a girl and boy whose relationship is wrecked by a malicious dating app. Details are unavailable on the second.

The Distance from A to Z to HarperCollins

Natalie Blitt’s The Distance from A to Z sold to HarperCollins for publication in winter 2015, according to Publisher’s Weekly. Abby goes to a French-language intensive summer prgram and meets baseball-playing Zeke.

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