What authors received new YA book deals? (July 6)


What authors received new YA book deals?

Memory of Objects sells to Balzer + Bray

Danielle Mages Amato shared that her debut The Memory of Objects will be published by HarperCollins imprint Balzer + Bray in winter 2017. In The Memory of Objects, a 15-year-old uses her abiliy to access memories attched to objects to resurrect her brother’s reputation after he dies of a suspected overdose.

The Bastard Table sells to Hyperion Children’s

Hyperion Children’s bought Andrew Shvart’s debut The Bastard Children, according to Publisher’s Lunch. The bastard daughter of a Lord witnesses her father commit a murder and joins a group of fugitivies to stop the country from going to war.

Julia Walton’s debut sells to Random House Children’s

Julia Walton’s debut Words On Bathroom Walls sold to Random House Children’s for publication in spring 2017, according to Publisher’s Lunch. Words on Bathroom Walls is a teen boy’s journal to his therapist as he begins an experimental drug trial for schizophrenia.

LGBT steampunk trilogy sells to Sky Pony Press

Sky Pony Press will publish Tara Slim’s debut LGBTQ steampunk trilogy, with the first book set to publish in fall 2016, according to Publisher’s Weekly. The Timekeeper series takes place in an alternate Victorian era where cities are controlled by clock towers. Clock tower mechanic prodigy Danny hopes to save his father trapped in a town outside London, but must also stop a force wanting to destroy the towers.

New Rachel Vincent novel sells to Delacorte

Delacorte bought Rachel Vincent’s Brave New Girl for publication in 2017, according to Publisher’s Weekly. A 16-year-old girl longs to be an individual in a world where standing out could lead to disaster.

Devil and the Bluebird to release in 2016

Abrams / Amulet bought Jennifer Mason-Black’s debut Devil and the Bluebird to publish in spring 2016, according to Publisher’s Weekly. A teenage girl exchanges her voice to the devil in exchange for magical boots and six months to save her sister’s soul.

Hot boy band book bought by Macmillan

Macmillan’s Flatiron Books bought Chris Russell’s Songs About A Girl with no official publication date yet set, according to Publisher’s Weekly. Hodder Children’s Books will publish the book in the U.K. A girl meets the world’s hottest boy band and gets caught between two of its members.

New Saeed novel to release in 2017

Penguin’s Nancy Paulsen Books imprint bought Aisha Saeed’s This Promise I Will Keep for publication in 2017, according to Publisher’s Weekly. A Pakistani teenager enters indentured servitude to pay her family’s debt. She must choose between an education and freedom or the chance to save her village.

Kym Brunner novel to release in 2016

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt bought Kym Brunner’s currently untitled YA novel for publication in fall 2016, according to Publisher’s Weekly. A teenager at his first falconry meet is determined to win when he finds himself falling for a girl wwith radical animal-rights parents.

New Susan Kuklin novel to be released

Candlewick bought Susan Kuklin’s new nonfiction book, which will be accompanied by her photography, for publication in fall 2017, according to Publisher’s Weekly. The currently untitled book will focus on young, undocumented immigrants.

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