Welcome to the Queer YA Scrabble!


We here at YA Interrobang love bringing you the latest and greatest in the YA world – but we also love amplifying voices that don’t always get a chance to be heard. And in our hetero-driven society, queer voices are often pushed to the sidelines.

You could say we’re part of a secret special organization called Virs Deity, a group whose goal in life is to make our books and media reflected the variety in the real life around us. Why did we bold that name? Excellent question. Read on.

Instead of our normal news, we’ve redevoted this weekend to participating in the Queer YA Scrabble. (Some of our favorite sites, including Gay YA, are also participating.) This means we’re going to spend the weekend talking to queer YA authors – interviewing them about their writing experience, their life experience, and, in some cases, posting excerpts from their books. (Queer excerpts. Possibly spoiler-y excerpts. You have been warned.) You’ll also have the chance to enter a ginormous giveaway and enter some really sweet auctions.

All of this is to raise money and awareness for Stonewall. Stonewall is a charity committed to helping queer people (especially teens) navigate adversity and promoting education.

The Queer YA Scrabble will run this entire weekend, from this very second to the end of the day on Monday, June 8.

far from you tess sharpe all the devils here astor penn

What can I enter to win in this giant giveaway?
Excellent question, random person reading this post! We here at YA Interrobang have partnered with the authors of Clan Hydra to bring you the most awesome prize box imaginable. Laura Lam donated a signed paperback copy of Shadowplay. Tess Sharpe donated a signed paperback copy of Far From You – with a specially written short story accompanying it! Robin Talley donated a signed paperback copy of Lies We Tell Ourselves, along with some swag. Astor Penn donated a signed paperback copy of All the Devils Here. You will also be entered to win a paperback copy of Christopher Hawthorne Moss’ Beloved Pilgrim, a paperback copy of Matthew J. Metzger’s Vivaldi in the Dark and Jandy Nelson’s I’ll Give You The Sun.

To enter the giveaway, you can fill out the form below. You’ll need to find and decode a special phrase in this post back into its original word to enter, but we promise – it’s not hard. The giveaway is open to the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States of America, Canada, Mexico, and anywhere in continental Europe except Russia. Unfortunately, do to the prohibitive cost of shipping, the giveaway and auctions are not open to countries in Africa, South America, Asia or Australia. (Sorry, Aussies.)

You can also bid to win the Clan Hydra wildcard box! While we love giving you all free things, this is really important, as the wildcard boxes will be how we raise money for Stonewall UK. The wildcard auction box is especially awesome if you’re an aspiring YA writer, as we know many of you are!

The Clan Hydra wildcard auction box contains 1 query critique with literary agent Brent Taylor, one 10 page critique with literary agent Peter Knapp, and one “skip the query line” opportunity with literary agent Saba Sulaiman. (Yes, that means she’ll go straight to reading your manuscript.) It also contains every single book we mentioned in the original giveaway. Yeah. It’s crazy good.

The same regional restrictions that apply to the giveaway apply to the wildcard box. (Er, sorry again, Aussies.)

If this sounds up your alley, you can go and bid at the official Queer YA Scrabble blog on June 7th.

Ready? Welcome to the Queer YA Scrabble!
Time to get your gay on. Unscramble the word and enter the giveaway below. The phrase will appear again in the upcoming posts on the site – which includes a conversations about writing LGBTQ YA with Robin Talley and Christopher Hawthorne Moss, an excerpt from Tess Sharpe’s Far From You, and more!

The Queer YA Scrabble giveaway is over; thank you for participating!

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    • Julia Ember

      Entering a bit early is FINE! Everybody who entered Clan Hydra’s giveaway yesterday has been recorded. The only one who is in trouble is the person who keeps trying to trick my Excel Macro by changing a comma or a period in their address!