WAISTCOATS AND WEAPONRY wins Steampunk Chronicle award


waistcoats and weaponry gail carrigerSteampunk Chronicle announced its 2015 Readers Choice Awards. Readers named Gail Carriger’s Waistcoats and Weaponry the best YA steampunk novel of the year.

Waistcoats and Weaponry is the third novel in Carriger’s Finishing School series, which follows a girl named Sophronia who is training to become a spy at a flying academy in an alternate Victorian London. In this particular novel, Sophronia is on her second year of finishing school when she sneaks on to a train to return her werewolf friend to her pack in Scotland.

Manners and Mutiny, the last in the Finishing School series, will release later this year.

Steampunk Chronicle focuses on everything relating to the steampunk genre. The 2015 Reader’s Choice Awards are voted on by readers of the Steampunk Chronicles.

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