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the near witch victoria schwabIf you like fantastical books, odds are, you’ve read something by Victoria Schwab. She’s the author of the YA books The Archived and The Near Witch, as well as the author of adult fantasies Vicious and the bestselling A Darker Shade of Magic. Though she’s been mentioning it on Twitter for months, she’s now officially announced her next YA project: This Savage Song, to release from HarperCollins’ Greenwillow Books imprint on May 3, 2016.

This Savage Song takes place in a broken world where violence breeds monsters. Kate Harker is the daughter of a crime boss, desperate to be a monster. August Flynn is a monster, the son of a man trying to save his city, and desperate to be human.

Schwab referred to as Monster online until the title officially changed, but the new title plays as much of a huge part in the story as

“Remember when I said that August was a monster? He’s not just any kind of monster, but one of only three soul-eaters in the city. And these rare creatures (he wouldn’t like that word) use music to bring the souls of their prey to surface,” wrote Schwab in her announcement post. “But it’s more than that. This book isn’t a solo. It’s a duet. A song played by two very different teens trying to survive a very broken world. There are moments of discord, and a few of harmony, and through it all, they have to keep the melody alive.”

Schwab also shared the first line of the book in her announcement post:

“The night Kate Harker decided to burn down the school chapel, she wasn’t angry, or drunk. She was just desperate.”

[EDIT] According to Schwab’s Twitter, This Savage Song is the first in a duology.

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