Veronica Roth reveals DIVERGENT extras to be released in hardcover


Veronica Roth has announced the delayed release of her Divergent novellas, due to the decision to release all four novellas in hardcover format.  The Initiate, due to be released as an ebook on December 17th, will now be released in Summer 2014 along with the other two remaining novellas in the series.

Roth stated that the decision to delay the release date was due to the novellas becoming “much meatier and more substantial” than she anticipated.  Roth assured her fans that standing pre-orders of The Initiate have not been cancelled, and the ebooks will be made available in July when the hardcover is released.  The entire collection of short stories will be sold under the title Four: A Divergent Collection.

In Veronica Roth’s best-selling dystopian series Divergent, society is divided into five factions dedicated to a particular virtue: bravery, selflessness, honesty, peacefulness, and intelligence.  When Tris Prior choses to join Dauntless, the faction of the brave, her decision has consequences she could never have seen coming.  Roth’s ‘Four’ novellas reveal iconic moments of the series through the eyes of fan favourite character Tobias ‘Four’ Eaton.

Four: A Divergent Collection will be published in July 2014.  To find out more, visit Veronica Roth on Tumblr.

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