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You might remember our Queer YA Scrabble a few months back. The whole fundraiser was gloriously arranged by our friend Julia Ember – but Ember has a book of her own releasing this April! We are so excited to bring you the cover of Unicorn Tracks.

unicorn tracks julia ember

In Unicorn Tracks, Mnemba excels as a guide in a safari business after she’s driven from her home. The mystical animals allow her to forget the terrible memories, but when she and Kara, the daughter of her boss, discover a conspiracy to capture a group of unicorns, they team together to find a way to protect them – even as they begin to fall, forbidden, for each other.

“I had the rare pleasure of being able to choose my own cover artist” said Ember. “Meghan [Moss] made the image on my website, and whenever I imagined what Unicorn Tracks‘ actual cover might look like, the idea of having a watercolour cover kept popping up in my head. She captured exactly the right tone for me with the header image she created. There is something quite sad and ethereal about the image, which I think carries through most of the projects I write.”
“The painting Meghan created of the girls really matches how I see them in my mind, added Ember. “She listened to everything I said about them and created a cover the really represents the book. Mnemba looks thoughtful, sad but hopeful. Kara looks like a force — and she is, stubborn, temperamental and willing to do what she has to. “

Unicorn Tracks releases from Harmony Ink Press in April 2016.

Curious as to how this hand-painted cover came to be? Ember shared artist Meghan Moss’ cover process with us, from initial sketches to the final cover.

  • The initial sketch for Unicorn Tracks.
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