‘American Idol’ contestant Tristan McIntosh reads YA


There’s always a certain joy that comes out from finding somebody in the public spotlight has an affection for YA. (Take, for example, “Hamilton” creator Lin Manuel-Miranda’s tweets with Name of the Star author Maureen Johnson.) So finding out 15-year-old ‘American Idol’ contestant Tristan McIntosh reads YA brought a smile to my face.

When asked on Twitter, McIntosh named Cassandra Clare’s The Infernal Devices and Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series as her two favorite book series.

McIntosh sang a rendition of Mickey Guyton’s “Why Baby Why” to the judges on ‘American Idol’ after sharing a story about how her mother, a major in the Armed Forces, inspired her to sing – and how she’d been called back overseas right before she was about to retire. The ‘Idol’ team surprised McIntosh by reuniting her with her mother, leaving all of the judges (and most of the viewers watching) in tears. Though ‘American Idol’ in still in its audition rounds, many have declared her a front-runner and potential winner, including judge Jennifer Lopez.

McIntosh shared her love of other fandoms on Twitter, including Star Wars.

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