THE RAVEN KING release date moved to February 2016


The release date for Maggie Stiefvater’s highly-anticipated The Raven King has been pushed back to February 2016.

The Raven King is the last in Stiefvater’s beloved Raven Cycle series. The Raven Cycle series follows Blue Sargent, who has been repeatedly warned that her kiss will kill her true love; and the Raven Boys, a group of boys tied into the strange magic that runs through the world.

“I’m not actually very sorry,” wrote Stiefvater in a Tumblr post about the release date. “I’m sorry to not hand you guys a book at the end of September, but I needed that extra time, and I’m glad that Scholastic was amiable about giving it to me. I do think The Raven King is my favorite in the series.”

Stiefvater, who asked to push the release date back so she could write the best book she possibly could – “I delight in writing these books so that they reward the reread, so that every sentence in them points to another sentence two books before.” – had originally planned to showcase the cover at the same time to make up for the release date being pushed back. Cover designer Adam Doyle has yet to finish the cover, though, so Stiefvater shared the first line of the book in her Tumblr post.

Do you want to read The Raven King? (We think the answer is probably yes.) Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. Yes. Yes I do want to read THE RAVEN KING, but I’m really glad Maggie’s publisher was able to honor her needing more time. And it gives me something to look forward to for 2016!