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threats of sky and sea jennifer ellisionJennifer Ellision is writing in an area of Indie publishing that doesn’t get nearly enough love: fantasy. Her debut novel, Threats of Sky and Sea has been getting amazing starred reviews, and the second book in the series promises to do just as well when it is released this August.

Threats of Sky and Sea tells the story of Bree and the past her father has been hiding from everyone — from her, the King, the King’s guards. When it finally catches up to him, Bree has to face the truth about herself to save her father.

It can be hard, with so many amazing books out there, to decide what to read next. Even in the fantasy genre, it is easy to get bogged down by books with similar plots, and after a while, it gets tired and worn. That doesn’t mean that the good books aren’t out there, however.

“It does seem that – generally speaking, of course – YA fantasy sells less than other self-published genres… like adult romance, for instance,” said Ellision.

Whatever the reasons behind the lack of indie fantasy books, Ellision has definitely managed to carve herself a spot in the industry. With a fresh plot and interesting characters, Threats of Sky and Sea was set to be a winner anyway — and being helped along by such beautiful covers certainly helps.

Since indie authors shoulder all the responsibility of presenting and marketing their books, covers can sometimes be a challenge.

“I can’t take credit for the Threats and Riot covers. I’m still taking baby steps with learning Photoshop; just enough to make the covers for my prequel shorts. The covers for the Threats of Sky and Sea novels were designed by the amazing Nathalia Suellen. She does truly incredible work,” said Ellision.

On her secret writing tool, Ellision admits to enjoying writing cliffhangers — much more than she enjoys reading them.

“I’d say that cliffhangers are definitely easier to write than to read. I’ve fallen victim to more than a few cliffhanger endings as a reader myself and it’s always a ‘HOW COULD YOU LEAVE ME DANGLING HERE, AUTHOR, MY FINGERS ARE SLIPPING, THIS IS A QUITE A HEIGHT’ sort of moment.”

And so of course, Threats of Sky and Sea, like so many good books, ends on a killer cliffhanger.

But I think that they heighten my excitement for getting my greedy hands on the next book that much more, which is why I tend to inflict them on my readers write them,” admitted Ellision.

Aside from inflicting more cliffhangers on us, Ellision says she is already working her next project, an NA contemporary work.

“I can’t stay away from my first love, fantasy, for too long. I’m working on a couple of other loose concepts as well. Nothing concrete yet, but I can offer a vague teaser for each: 1. Ghosts. 2. Lady pirates.”

Threats of Sky and Sea is available now. The second book in the series, Riot of Storm and Smoke, will be published in August. For more information on Jennifer Ellision, visit her website or follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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