Star Wars YA novel releasing in September


May the force be with you – and with Claudia Gray, author of the new Star Wars YA novel coming out this September. Lost Stars will release on September 4th as part of Lucasfilm and Disney’s reboot of the extended Star Wars canon.

Lost Stars is a an epic romance and adventure story set in the Star Wars universe and follows childhood friends Ciena Ree and Thane Kyrell. Ciena has grown up to become an Imperial officer; Thane has grown up to be a Rebel pilot. The star-crossed lovers could reunite – or duty could tear them apart.

“As a kid who saw Star Wars when she was 7 years old, and so imprinted on it for life, getting to tell an epic, multi-year story set in that universe truly is a dream come true,” wrote Gray in a blog post. “It means that my childhood effort to turn my closet into an X-wing simulator is no longer “pathetically nerdy” but “relevant experience for my future career.”

But Gray’s novel isn’t the only new Star Wars YA novel to hit shelves. Entertainment Weekly reported that over twenty books across multiple genres and publishers will be releasing over the upcoming months. Cecil Castellucci will be writing Moving Target, a YA adventure that follows Princess Leia. Jason Fry will be writing The Weapon of a Jedi, about Luke Skywalker. Greg Rucka, best known for his comic book writing, will be writing a novel called Smuggler’s Run about Han Solo.

More information will presumably be available as the December release date for Star Wars: The Force Awakens approaches.

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