‘Speak’ to be adapted into a graphic novel


Plans to publish a graphic novel adaptation of Laurie Halse Anderson’s award-winning young adult novel Speak were announced by Farrar, Straus and Giroux earlier this month. The graphic novel will be illustrated by Emily Carroll and adapted by Anderson herself.

Since its publication in 1999, Speak has touched the lives of teenagers around the world and hugely impacted contemporary YA literature. Melinda Sordino, a depressed and ostracized teenage girl suffering from PTSD after a traumatising experience at a summer party, finds herself unable to break her self-inflicted silence and instead finds solace and personal expression in art. Anderson’s novel has been translated into sixteen languages and sparked a popularity surge in  ‘problem novels’ which tackle hard-hitting issues faced by modern teenagers every day. Speak has won several awards and was listed as one of the ALA’s top one hundred banned and challenged books of 2000-2009 due to controversy over its subject matter. In 2004 the novel was adapted into a film starring Kristen Stewart.

The Speak graphic novel is due to be released Fall 2016.  Publishers Weekly have released a piece of sample art from Emily Carroll, depicting one of the iconic images from the novel.

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