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Ever wish that YA Interrobang would update news in real time? After all, those biweekly updates are wonderful – but you would like to know about news right when it happens.

We understand. We like knowing things right when they happen as well.

Starting on July 13th, YA Interrobang will be updating daily.

You read that right. YA Interrobang will be updating with posts about the latest news in the world of young adult literature as they happen. With columns and weekly posts scheduled, you will have something new to read every day of the week!

We will be introducing some new columns (video game fans, keep an eye out!) as well as a shiny new layout.

But, perhaps, you don’t want to read YA Interrobang every day. That’s okay, too! We will still be sending out our biweekly newsletter, which you can subscribe to here, with all of the articles of the past two weeks.

Tune back in on July 13th for the new and improved YA Interrobang! In the meantime, comment below and let us know what you would like to see more of here on the site.

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