Seeing Heaven: Author Jeyn Roberts


The Bodies We WearWhat if there was a drug that allowed the user to see heaven?

When Jeyn Roberts began writing The Bodies We Wear, she had no idea how her story would end. She never does. But her question demanded an answer – and that answer turned into a dozen other questions. How ow would the drug impact society? How much faith would people have in the drug’s ability? How would religious people view it? What about people from different religions? Scientists? Non-religious people?

“I spent a lot of time working out the backstory to how the drug originated. I found that once I had that idea written down, creating the world afterward became a bit easier,” said Roberts.

The more questions she asked, the larger her story grew. What about the stigma around drug users? And so came Faye, a victim through no fault of her own, who hates the people who forced the drug on her.

Roberts wanted to do Faye’s journey justice. Faye had to develop as a character and get past her initial hatred, to see there was more to life than revenge. But for Roberts to get Faye to that pointed, Roberts had to push at both Faye and her writing. She threw characters at Faye that made question her choices and force her down a path she would not have chosen otherwise.

“I didn’t want to make it easy for her. The problem with revenge is that we get so wrapped up in it; we sometimes fail to see everything else around us. I wanted her to open her eyes,” said Roberts. “Anger burns out eventually. Sometimes all we need is something to remind us that we’re more than our emotions. That we can change and make a difference.”

But the challenge is all in pursuit of one thing: hope.

“There is always hope. Yep, corny, clichéd, hope. But it’s true. Without hope, why bother?”

The Bodies We Wear is available now. For more on Roberts, visit her website or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

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