Saturday Smackdown: NOWHERE BUT HERE by Katie McGarry


Once a week, editor Nicole Brinkley breaks down book trailers and explains whether they’re championship material or worth tossing in the trash. This week, she looks at the book trailer for Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry.

I’ll be honest: this trailer is not championship material. It doesn’t even deserve a shot at the title. But within the trailer, there are so many ways it could have been amazing, and it burns me to see that they decided to stick with stock photos and heavy text overlay.

Nowhere But Here is the first in Katie McGarry’s new Thunder Road series. Emily likes her safe little life, but her biological father chose a life with a motorcycle club called the Reign of Terror over being a parent. When she reluctantly decides to spend a summer vacation with his family, she meets Oz, a sexy blue-eyed boy who wants to join the Reign of Terror. He sees them as the good guys – but Emily might turn his dream upside down.

The Nowhere but Here trailer makes the crowning mistake of relying on stock photos and text instead of some form of film when making their trailer. That doesn’t make this a trailer – it makes it an animated blurb. But the visuals and what they’re doing here are so cool. It would have been amazing to see this filmed.

Can’t you picture it? At sunset, just a slow pan over a teenage girl wearing a motorcycle jacket to where, shadowed, a teenage boy waits on a motorcycle. Emily narrates over it with all the text we see in the trailer. And then the girl runs over, hops on the bike, and it fades to black and showcases the cover for Nowhere But Here.

Ten minutes of filming. Two actors. A good camera. A motorcycle. Some voice-work. Easy to edit, beautiful to watch, and so much prettier than the montage of stock photos we got in the original trailer. Given how much stock photos can cost and how much time it must have taken to edit the original trailer, would that filming have been much more of a hassle for a book trailer three times better?

But maybe that’s my hatred of stock photo montages talking.

What do you think of the Nowhere But Here trailer? Sound off in the comments below!

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