Saturday Smackdown: UNDER THE NEVER SKY by Veronica Rossi


Once a week, editor Nicole Brinkley breaks down book trailers and explains whether they’re championship material or worth tossing in the trash. This week, she looks at the book trailer for Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi.

In the world of professional wrestling, there’s a hierarchy of wrestlers, based on performance and skills and plot. The best are made champions, and their equally excellent rivals are named the number-one contender. They’re not championship material yet, but do just the right things, and you could be the champion.

The book trailer for Veronica Rossi’s Under The Never Sky is definitely a number-one contender.

In Under The Never Sky, Aria escapes the protected dome of Reverie when her mother goes missing, risking her life in the outer wasteland to find her. There she meets Perry, who is also looking for somebody, and together, they might be able to survive and find those they’ve lost.

This trailer feels like a mini-movie (even if it’s a straight-to-Netflix movie). It’s action-packed, tells the story, and makes me want to pick up the book we’re reading. It gets it, in the way that few other book trailers seem to.

True, not all of them are the visuals are edited as well as it could be, and some of it’s a little cheesy, but it sets out to do what trailers should do: tell a story. So what if the edges are a little blurry at moments, or everything doesn’t fit quite as perfectly as a high-end full-length feature film trailer? This is a book trailer; the budget is lower, and what we do see is amazing.

It’s a little long for my taste, and some time could easily have been shaved off by using a voiceover in the opening instead of splicing text throughout the action sequences. Trailers are for viewing, after all, not watching, and we hear our lead lady talking by the end of the video.

After all, why would you read a trailer (even if it is for a book) when you should be watching it?

What do you think of the Under the Never Sky trailer? Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. Yes, the trailer could have used some editing and the first spoken lines of the two protagonists are wooden, but all in all it’s a very good trailer.

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