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The schedule for the May 2014 RT Booklovers Convention YA Track in New Orleans was recently announced.  Several young adult authors will be in attendance to discuss genre writing and issues relevant to contemporary young adult literature.  Topics include character diversity, romance, thrillers, high fantasy, LGBT representation and more.

Below are panels featuring YA authors.

“The Total Experience”: Diversity Panel (Wednesday)
Panelists: Malinda Lo, Beth Revis, Lydia Kang, Cynthia Omololu
Moderator: Kelley Armstrong
Modern YA novels show an increasing awareness of diverse cultures, races and experiences. Join our panel of authors as they discuss the importance of inclusionary fiction and the challenges and rewards therein.

“When I Fall in Love”: Romance in YA
Panelists: Aprilynne Pike, Kiera Cass, Daisy Whitney, Claudia Gray, Eve Silver
Moderator: Marianne Mancusi
Romantic relationships dominate teen fiction. The rules for romance are ever-changing, but the appetite for love is never sated. Join these young adult romance masters to talk about how to handle this exciting (but peril-fraught) topic.

“Just the Two of Us”: Up Close with YA Authors (Reader Panel)
Panelists: TBA
Intimate chat with some YA star authors.

“Don’t Let Me be Misunderstood”: YA Authors in the Digital Age
Panelists: Rachel Caine, Heather Brewer, David Gill, TBA
Moderator: Melissa Marr
In the age of social media and smart phones, authors are online 24/7, including when we’re sleepy, on deadline, and everywhere in between.  In addition to that, there are blogs, interviews, Skype, Google Hang-Outs … and of course, requests for interstitial stories.  What’s an author to do? How do we juggle it all? How do we avoid flames?

“Pride and Joy”: GLBT in YA
Panelists: Malinda Lo, Suzanne Brockman, Saundra Mitchell, Sarah Rees Brennan, Scott Tracey
Moderator: Melissa Marr
No longer relegated to special topic books, YA fiction today has come to include a diverse range of experience that better reflects the reality of modern life.  Join our authors as we discuss inclusionary fiction and the challenges and rewards therein.

“Me and the Devil Blues”: YA Thrillers and SF
Panelists: Kimberly Derting, Jennifer Rush, Melissa Marr, Ashley Elston
Moderator: Kelley Armstrong
In teen fiction today monsters lurk behind myriad faces; killers, aliens, government or the boy next door.  How do we build the tension, the action, the pacing without devolving into the gratuitous? What are the keys to believable action? Does romance have a place here? Are there uncrossable lines in violence?

“These are the Days”: Contemporary Panel
Panelists: Gayle Forman, Tamara Ireland Stone, Lucy Connors, Juliana Stone, Elizabeth Eulberg
Moderator: Stephanie Kuehnert
Contemporary fiction is seeing an exciting come-back.  Sometimes reality requires a different toolbox than other genres. Join our experts as they address the intricacies of crafting stories in our world.

“What a Wonderful World”: YA High Fantasy
Panelists: Kelley Armstrong, Leigh Bardugo, Rae Carson, Morgan Rhodes
Moderator: Carrie Ryan
Thanks to the pervasive influence of the George R. R. Martin, high fantasy is seeing a revival.  How do you build a world from scratch? What are the tricks and tips to creating believable fantasy novels? From food to fashion, from marriage to murder, from politics to poisons, there are a lot of details to master in this genre.  Bring your questions to our experts.

“Take a Chance on Me”: Money Matters
Panelists: Carrie Ryan, TBA, Ally Carter, Colleen Houck
Moderator: Kelley Armstrong
We’re all in it for the love. “Write to your passions” or some version of that mantra has been uttered by most every writer, but there is a second hat we wear too. This panel is all about the business.  Contracts, agents, and the underlying topic (money) are on the table for discussion here.

Speed Reading A, B, C
Moderator: Sarah Rees Brennan (A), Rosemary Clement Moore (B) and Jennifer Lynn Barnes (C)
Join this group of YA authors as they read short excerpts (under the watchful gaze of a time keeper) of their works. A host of YA authors will read short excerpts in these timed readings spread throughout the day into several different panels.

Interactive YA Writing Panel
Moderator: TBA

Teen Day Party

For more information, visit the RT Booklovers Convention website.

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