#ReadChaos introduces new readers to Chaos Walking

Book one in Patrick Ness’ Chaos Walking trilogy

This August is #ReadChaos month! The #ReadChaos project, hosted by book bloggers Stacey at prettybooks and Laala at distantheartbeats, is a month-long community read-along encouraging new readers and old fans of Patrick Ness’ Chaos Walking trilogy to read (or re-read) and discuss the award-winning novels. The project is due to end on September 5th, when Ness’ latest novel, More Than This, will be released in the U.K., but participants are encouraged to join in at any time. So far, readers have joined in on multiple blogging platforms, all using the hashtag #ReadChaos.

Stacey of prettybooks is pleased with the response to #ReadChaos.

“It was a slow start, but people started using the #readchaos hashtag more once they started reading the books – posting their favourite quotes, photos of the trilogy, and Goodreads-type status updates across Twitter, Tumblr and Goodreads, from readers to book bloggers to booktubers. It’s been fun to see people enjoying the books who have picked up the trilogy for the first time,” said Stacey.

Stacey has also expressed interest in running future read-along projects with more interactive content, including plans for a giveaway.

Patrick Ness has shown his support of the read-along, retweeting a #ReadChaos announcement on his twitter. If you’d like to participate in #ReadChaos, it’s not too late! Check out the project announcement here and get reading!

Featured image on front page courtesy of Stacey from prettybooks.

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