QYAS: Read an excerpt of Astor Penn’s ALL THE DEVILS HERE!


all the devils here astor pennAs part of the Queer YA Scrabble, we here at YA Interrobang are sharing snippets of some of the books we’re giving away! And one of these snippets belongs to Astor Penn’s All The Devils Here.

All The Devils Here follow Brie Hall, who is in her final year of boarding school when a biological disaster decimates much of the population. While traveling in an attempt to stay away from the contamination, she meets another girl, and fate forces them together in order to survive.

Because we’re focusing this weekend on queer YA, this snippet focuses a bit on the queer content within the story, and so is slightly spoiler-y, though out of context, it doesn’t mean much. (You could say we’re part of a secret special organization called Virs Deity, who wants to share especially queer snippets of books, because queerness is important.) But hey, you have been warned.

Raven is safer away from me; this I know is true. Regardless of possible infection, Raven has made herself as a solo hunter and survivor. She doesn’t need me. Alone, you make better decisions based soley on your needs. Yes – she will be better off without me. But still, I wish I could see her again. Ask her the things I couldn’t before. Hold out my hand to her and build what might be the last relationship I can have.

I am a selfish person. I won’t stay up and think of her any longer. The pain meds I take now aren’t the over-the-counter kind; these are little blue things that taste more like paper than nothing. I take two of these and feel immediately drowsy. My breathing sounds slow, like an out-of-body experience. In my weakness, I let Poppy inch closer and closer to me until she’s pressed against my side, and we both warm each other.

Emotional intimacy is a dangerous thing. More dangerous than the infection surely seeping through my shoulder. The loss of Bryant is heavy on both our minds and nothing, not the physical pain or the impartial small talk, will take it from us. It shouldn’t be, but it is – I feel the loss of Raven somehow as sharply. She has no business being a physical throb in my body, but there she is. Her brief introduction has left me somehow full of discouraged hope.

Love that excerpt? You can win a copy of All The Devils Here in our Queer YA Scrabble prize pack! We here at YA Interrobang have partnered with the authors of Clan Hydra to bring you the most awesome prize box imaginable. In addition to a signed paperback copy of All The Devils Here, Laura Lam donated a signed paperback copy of Shadowplay. Tess Sharpe donated a signed paperback copy of Far From You – with a specially written short story accompanying it! Robin Talley donated a signed paperback copy of Lies We Tell Ourselves, along with some swag. You will also be entered to win a paperback copy of Christopher Hawthorne Moss’ Beloved Pilgrim, a paperback copy of Matthew J. Metzger’s Vivaldi in the Dark and Jandy Nelson’s I’ll Give You The Sun.

To enter the giveaway, you can fill out the form below. You’ll need to find and decode a special phrase in this post back into its original word to enter, but we promise – it’s not hard. The giveaway is open to the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States of America, Canada, Mexico, and anywhere in continental Europe except Russia. Unfortunately, do to the prohibitive cost of shipping, the giveaway and auctions are not open to countries in Africa, South America, Asia or Australia. (Sorry, Aussies.)

The Queer YA Scrabble will run this entire weekend, from this very second to the end of the day on June 8. Giveaway winners will be chosen on June 9.

All of this is to raise money and awareness for Stonewall. Stonewall is a charity committed to helping queer people (especially teens) navigate adversity and promoting education.

Permission to share this excerpt granted by Astor Penn.

The Queer YA Scrabble giveaway is over; thank you for participating!

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