Pure Speculation guest authors discuss ‘the lure of YA’


Pure Speculation is an annual science fiction, fantasy and gaming convention held in Edmonton, Canada.  The event began in 2005 as the first major fan convention in Edmonton dedicated solely to speculative fiction.  Pure Speculation 2013 will be taking place on the weekend of November 16th.

This year, young adult authors Gail Carriger and Arthur Slade are guests of honour.  In a panel called ‘The Lure of Young Adult Fiction,’ Carriger and Slade will be joined by fellow author Michell Plested to discuss what it is that makes young adult fantasy such a compelling genre to both adults and teenagers alike.

Slade and Plested are excited for the event and looking forward to discussing the universal appeal of young adult literature.

“I always welcome the opportunity to talk about writing in general and Young Adult writing in particular and Pure Speculation is a fantastic event that allows me to do both. My favourite thing about any convention that has a writing track is getting the chance to meet other writers, readers and professionals in the business. This year’s Pure Speculation is even more exciting for me because I not only get to talk about why YA Fiction can ‘Lure’ in adults, but I get to sit the panel with Gail Carriger and Arthur Slade. That will allow me to renew my friendship with Gail and make a new friend in Arthur,” said Plested.

“Oh, the long list of things to look forward to at Pure Speculation. First and foremost is being around other “genre” writers and readers of like mind. There is such a creative buzz at these sort of events. I’m especially happy that they are recognizing the young adult side of the steampunk world. I’m biased, but certainly believe that it deserves attention. I will be talking about how important it is to tell a good story to that age group (well, to any reader, really) and to not talk down to the readership,” said Slade.

Gail Carriger, author of the Finishing School series and a long-time enthusiast of fan conventions and steampunk, will be attending for the first time as a guest of honour.

Pure Speculation 2013 will be held at the Ramada Conference Centre in Edmonton, Canada.  For more information on the event and how to book tickets, visit their website.

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