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paper hearts beth revisBeth Revis is somebody you want to get writing advice from. She’s the New York Times bestselling author of the Across the Universe trilogy, as well as The Body Electric and the forthcoming A World Without You. And now she’s adding an anthology of writing advice to her the list.

“I wrote Paper Hearts for the writer I used to be. The questions I used to have plagued me when I was starting this career path,” wrote Revis. “Now, fifteen years, eleven unpublished books, three New York Times bestsellers, one self published book, and countless hours working on craft and working with other professionals, I think I finally have the answers that I needed way back then. Unfortunately, I can’t travel back in time.”

Revis first wrote blog posts that she then collected them on Wattpad – but soon, the Wattpad posts had hundreds of thousand of reads, and she realized that Paper Hearts could be useful to the public as a whole.

Fully revised and expanded, the Paper Hearts series will feature three volumes, one each on writing, publishing, and marketing. Paper Hearts, Volume 1: Some Writing Advice will be out on November 1, with the other two following in December and January. Ordering from indie bookstore Malaprops before November 12 gets readers a book of the best writing advice from 12 bestselling YA authors for free.

Below, Revis shares some writing advice and gives away a copy of Paper Hearts.


WRITING IS ART. Maybe what you’re writing is a doodle or a masterpiece, fan fic or a novel for the ages—it’s still art. And whatever it is: Respect it. Respect yourself; respect your art. Your art is an extension of who you are. If you’re writing, you having something to say, and you’re choosing to say it in an expression of art.

If you are creating that art, respect it as much as you respect yourself.

There’s no lesson here. There’s no one way to make art, and how you treat your art is ultimately up to you.

I think a lot of it comes down to intent. Approach your writing with the intent of creating something you can be proud of. Remember that what you’re doing is art—an art that will inspire others, that will having meaning and depth beyond just the words you say, that is an extension of you.

Respect your art. Love your art. And even when something goes wrong, when you fail in some way, or the publishing world fails you—you will still have your art, and no one can take that away.

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