ONLY EVER YOURS wins Bookseller YA Book Prize


only ever yours louise o'neillLouise O’Neill’s Only Ever Yours won The Booker’s inaugural YA Book Prize.

Only Ever Yours takes place in a dystopian world where women are bred in schools and trained to please men. Best friends Freida and Isabela are certain they’ll be chosen as companions, rather than be left behind as concubines or teachers. But when Isabel begins to put on weight, Freida must fight for her future, even if it means betraying the only friend – and the only love – she has ever known.

The YA Book Prize honors YA books from Irish and UK authors. The shortlist for the award included David Almond’s A Song for Ella Gray, Keren David’s Salvage, Sally Green’s Half Bad and Non Pratt’s Trouble, among others.

Only Ever Yours was chosen as the 2015 winner by a panel which included both teen and industry judges. O’Neill’s win was announced at Foyles Charing Cross on March 19th.

For more on the YA Book Prize, visit The Booker’s website.



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