Once Upon a Tweet: March 23


In our society, social media is a huge outlet. It provides a stream of constant information and connects millions of people around the globe. Maybe it’s just me, but no matter how familiar I become with social media, I still get excited reading all of the updates. There’s always a constant feed. Not only that, but possibilities are becoming possible with every update.

Today, I bring to you Once Upon a Tweet. Why? Because with all that constant updating, we tend to miss a few things. I’m here to highlight some things you may or may not have read about going on in the book community.

What happened these past two weeks:

Patrick Ness put a reader in his place:

Caught a 1-start review of More Than This: “Would never have started it if I’d known there were gays in it.” You’re why I wrote it, champ!

— Patrick Ness (@Patrick_Ness) March 10, 2014

Emma Watson tweets about Ava Dellaira‘s book, Love Letters to the Dead.

Sarah Dessen attended the Veronica Mars movie premiere. (Other YA authors that also attended the premiere include, but are not limited to: Rachel Caine, Diana Peterfreund, and Mira Grant. Andrea Cremer appears in the film.)

Sarah Mlynowski re-creates the Oscar selfie with a bunch of other YA authors at an event in NYC.

YA author selfie. #suckitellen pic.twitter.com/FKFp16joah

— Sarah Mlynowski (@SarahMlynowski) March 12, 2014

James Dashner tweeted about the first movie poster for The Maze Runner. [He also tweeted about the trailer, which you can watch here.]

Veronica Roth posts an awesome selfie on her way to the Divergent premiere.

Kami Garcia shows us what inspires her.

Julie Kagawa makes really cute chibi dragons.

Tune in next week for more fun tidbits from your favorite young adult authors.

Alison Ng is your average 18-year-old whose signature is glitter eyeliner. Although she attends college in NYC and hopes to one day work in book publishing, she spends her time loving fictional characters and documenting her food adventures way more than she should.

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