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Here’s your chance to get behind the scenes with fanartists who bring your favorite young adult books to life.

Like almost all YA fans, Vitoria Bas describes herself as “Harry Potter trash.” The artist, who moved from Brazil to London, absolutely adores Harry Potter.

  • Young Lupin with his family.

Read the willow prank comic here.
Read the full Office x Harry Potter crossover comic series here.

What is it about the authors’ writing that inspired your art?
I’ve always been Harry Potter trash, but then I moved to London and read the books again after a very long time and it was just a very different experience. When I was young, reading this heavily British book about magic from my little tropical country, everything just sounded very distant and surreal. I used to think blood pudding and kidney pie were bizarre wizard foods. Then I realized it’s just british food. A lot of things on Harry Potter started to make more sense and I got obsessed again.
Are there any other influences you included in your art?
I don’t know, man, I’ve been told I watch too much movies, so I guess some of that slips in.
What was the best reactions you’ve received?
I think the coolest thing that happened was that I went with a friend to that nice café where J.K. Rowling used to go in Edinburgh and drew a little Snape on the bathroom wall, then a girl sent me a message on tumblr saying that she saw it. I thought it was cool. When I was there, there was no toilet paper.
What was the best reactions you’ve received?
It’s really just drawing, scanning in and posting. I actually spend more time thinking and reading about Harry Potter than on the actual drawing.
Do you have any tools you like to work with?
I just draw with pencils and pens, mostly. I’m an embarrassment to my fellow millennials, I don’t know how to react to computers. So I stick to good old wooden sticks.
What encouraged you to share your fanart?
My sister made complaints about me saying that I spend way too much time thinking about Harry Potter, so I made a blog for these bottled up feels.
What piece are you most proud of?
My favorite thing I made was the Whomping Willow comic, probably because I got to read my favorite part of the Prisoner of Azkaban 500 times.
Do you have anything fun that you’re working on or would like to do someday?
I don’t have a political plan, to be honest. I just made this blog as some sort of virtual comfort blanket.
What kind of advice or insight would you give to other artists?
I guess I’d just say not to be afraid to share your stuff. For a very long time I was afraid to post my drawings just because I had this bizarre idea that there was “a right way to make fanart”, because I always thought everything looked so rendered and finished. But things has been working well for my sketchy doodles, so I’m very relieved.
For more on Vitoria Bas, follow her on Instagram or Tumblr.
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