What YA books release this week? (November 24)


What YA books release this week? We have a list of this week’s November YA books!

light of day allison van diepenLight of Day by Allison van Diepen
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release date: November 24th
When a stranger warns Gabby and her friend Maria their drinks have been drugged, they hurry home. The next day, Maria can’t remember a thing. And Gabby’s not going to stay quiet about it.

the old creek bridge sarah kettlesThe Old Creek Bridge by Sarah Kettles
Publisher: Bookish Group Press
Release date: November 24th
Plagued by desire to escape his town, Jack lashes out. He’s left with a choice: confront his hatred of home and the self-loathing that led to it, or spend the rest of his sorry life alone.

promises i made michelle zinkPromises I Made (Lies I Told #2) by Michelle Zink
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release date: November 24th
Haunted by the way she betrayed her friends — and Logan, the only boy she’s ever loved — Grace decides she must return to the place every thief knows you should avoid: the scene of the crime.

queen aimee carterQueen (The Blackcoat Rebellion #3) by Aimee Carter
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Release date: November 24th
For months, Kitty’s survival has hinged on playing a part. Now she must discover who she truly wants to be, and whether the new world she is striving to create has a place in it for her after all.

reckless hearts sean olinReckless Hearts (Wicked Games #2) by Sean Olin
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Release date: November 24th
What do you do if you find yourself fantasizing about kissing your best friend? Sensitive guitarist Jake has been asking himself that same question for a long time, and there’s no easy answer.

rules for 5050 chances kate mcgovernRules for 50/50 Chances by Kate McGovern
Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Giroux
Release date: November 24th
With a fifty-fifty shot at inheriting Huntington’s disease, seventeen-year-old Rose Levenson has a difficult decision to make: Does she want to know how she’s going to die?

undeniable liz bankesUndeniable by Liz Bankes
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children’s
Release date: November 24th
After Gabi’s relationship with her long-time boyfriend Max falls apart, she just needs to get away—and she finds the perfect escape in a summer internship for her favorite TV show in London.

brink of dawn jeff altabef erynn altabefBrink of Dawn by Jeff Altabef & Erynn Altabef
Publisher: Self-published
Release date: November 28th
Juliet and Troy barely escaped Arizona alive. Now they’re speeding to New York City to find the three other Chosen. The Chosen must band together to face an ancient foe that threatens all humanity.

five out of the ashes holli andersonFive: Out of the Ashes (Five #3) by Holli Anderson
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Release date: November 30th
The five discover new powers, make a desperate run through the Netherworld, land on an island paradise… and find that Brone, always a step ahead of them, is becoming more powerful than ever.

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