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If you’re a YA lover in London, you don’t want to miss this year’s YA track at Nine Worlds.

Nine Worlds is a convention in London that focuses on fandom, literature, gaming, cosplay and more. It will run from August 7 to August 9. Marieke Nijkamp, author of the upcoming YA novel This Is Where It Ends, organized the YA track.

This track – or collection of panels – includes authors from debut novelist Lauren E. James to established award winners like Joe Abercrombie.

Each day features two panels.

On Friday, the first panel is entitled “Beyond the binary: gender and sexuality in YA.” James Dawson, Tom Pollock, Sarah Benwell, Lauren E. James, Laura Lam, Emme Trevayne and Marieke Nijkamp will discuss stories with characters on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. The second is entitled “The Midnight Society: are you afraid of the dark?” and will feature James Dawson, Frances Hardinge, Sarah Lotz and Savannah Lotz. It will discuss the return of horror as a genre in YA.

On Saturday, the first panel is entitled “Fantastic Worlds … and where to find them” and will focus on developing fantasy worlds in YA. Panelists include Emma Trevayne, Joe Abercrombie, Marieke Nijkamp and other not yet specified panelists. The second is called “From MPDG to SFC: the girls of YA.” It will discuss the roles that ladies of YA are often boxed into (from manic pixie dream girl to strong female character) and will feature Mel Salisbury, Liz de Jager, Laura Lam, Sarah Benwell and other not yet specified panelists.

On Sunday, the first panel is entitled “I Predict a Riot: YA perspectives of the future” and features Kim Curran, James Smythe, Francesca Haig and other not yet specified panelists. It will take a peek at dystopians in YA and whether they should be hopeful or bleak. The second is entitled “Once Upon a YA: lore and legends in YA literature” and focuses on the use of legends and mythology in YA literature. It will feature Mel Salisbury, Frances Hardgine, Tom Pollock, Liz de Jager and Marieke Nijkamp.

Tickets for Nine Worlds are still available, though the rate has gone up considerably since their first announcement.

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