New Releases: August 5


Here’s a selection of some of the new YA novels hitting the shelves this week (5th – 11th August).

accession terah edunAccession (Sarath Web #1) by Terah Edun
Publisher: All Night Reads
Release date: August 5th
When Katherine Thompson becomes heir presumptive to the Sandersville coven, she realizes she didn’t have a clue – and faery wars, depressed trolls and angry unicorns are just the beginning.

deadly little sins kara taylorDeadly Little Sins (Prep School Confidential #3) by Kara Taylor
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
Release date: August 5th
When an unexpected— and suspicious— turn of events gets Anne sent back to Wheatley, she’s determined to figure out what happened to her only adult ally at the school: Ms. Cross.

elixir ted galdiElixir by Ted Galdi
Release date: August 5th
When code-breaker Sean he learns that his girlfriend is critically ill it’s up to find a cure, a battle pitting him against a multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical company and the demons of his past.


gates of thread and stone lori m leeGates of Thread and Stone (Gates of Thread and Stone #1) by Lori M. Lee
Publisher: Skyscape
Release date: August 5th
When her brother disappears, Kai vows to do whatever it takes to find him. She will leave the only home she’s ever known and risk getting caught up in a revolution centuries in the making.

the girl from the well rin chupecoThe Girl From the Well by Rin Chupeco
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Release date: August 5th
A dead girl hunts murderers, much like the man who threw her body down a well three hundred years ago. And when a strange boy moves into the neighborhood so, she discovers, does something else.

i love i hate i miss my sister amelie sarnI Love I Hate I Miss My Sister by Amelie Sarn
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Release date: August 5th
Sohane loves no one more than her younger sister, Djelila. The two have always shared everything. But now, Djelila is embracing her life as a secular teen, and Sohane is becoming more religious.

The Islands at the End of the World by Austin Aslan
Publisher: Wendy Lamb Books
Release date: August 5th
In this fast-paced survival story set in Hawaii, electronics fail worldwide, the islands become completely isolated, and a strange starscape fills the sky.


just call my name holly goldberg sloanJust Call My Name (I’ll Be There #2) by Holly Goldberg Sloan
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Release date: August 5th
Sam’s criminally insane father, whom everyone thought they’d finally left behind, is planning a jailbreak. And he knows exactly where to find Emily and his sons when he escapes.

Magnolia by Kristi Cook
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Release date: August 5th
Jemma Cafferty and Ryder Marsden have no intention of giving in to their parents’ wishes of marriage. They’re only seventeen, not to mention that one little problem: They hate each other!

Mortal Danger (Immortal Game #1) by Ann Aguirre
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Release date: August 5th
Edie Kramer has a score to settle with the beautiful people at Blackbriar Academy, but things that seem too good to be true usually are, and soon, the payback turns from delicious to deadly.

of metal and wishes sarah fineOf Metal and Wishes (Of Metal and Wishes #1) by Sarah Fine
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books
Release date: August 5th
There are whispers of a ghost in the slaughterhouse where Wen assists her father. Wen is lured by the mystery of the Ghost and learns he has been watching her… for a very long time.

opposition jennifer l armentroutOpposition (Lux #5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Release date: August 5th
Katy and Daemon must team with an unlikely enemy if there is any chance of surviving the invasion. But it quickly becomes impossible to tell friend from foe and the world is crumbling around them.

some boys patty blountSome Boys by Patty Blount
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Release date: August 5th
After Grace accuses the town golden boy of rape, everyone turns against Grace. They call her a slut and a liar. But… Ian doesn’t. He’s funny and kind with secrets of his own.

Two Girls Staring at the Ceiling by Lucy Frank
Publisher: Schwartz & Wade
Release date: August 5th
Chess is sick, but with what exactly, she isn’t sure. And to make matters worse, she must share a hospital room with Shannon, her polar opposite. Where Chess is polite, Shannon is rude.

between the lives jessica shirvingtonBetween the Lives by Jessica Shirvington
Publisher: Orchard Books
Release date: August 7th
For as long as she can remember, Sabine has lived two lives. Every 24 hours she Shifts to her ′other′ life – a life where she is exactly the same, but absolutely everything else is different.

blind rachel dewoskinBlind by Rachel DeWoskin
Publisher: Viking
Release date: August 7th
This is Emma’s story. The drama is in her many small victories as she returns to high school and struggles to define herself, determined not to be dismissed as a PBK – Poor Blind Kid.

The Castle by Sophia Bennett
Publisher: Chicken House
Release date: August 7th
When Peta receives clues that her army hero father may still be alive, but no one believes her, she embarks on a dangerous rescue to a cliff-top castle, home to a billionaire in exile.

an english boy in new york t.s. eastonAn English Boy in New York (Boys Don’t Knit #2) by T.S. Easton
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Release date: August 7th
Ben’s not really sure he wants to be known as teenage knitting genius any more. His idea for a knit-able hoodie could make him millions… or turn him into a laughing stock forever.

forget me k a harringtonForget Me by K.A. Harrington
Publisher: Putnam Juvenile
Release date: August 7th
On the three-month anniversary of her boyfriend Flynn’s death, Morgan learns of a boy named Evan who lives in a nearby town and looks exactly like Flynn. Only this boy is very much alive.

the moment collector jodi lynn andersonThe Moment Collector by Jodi Lynn Anderson
Publisher: Orchard Books
Release date: August 7th
There’s a ghost haunting 208 Water Street. But the ghost isn’t all that’s lurking in Gill Creek… Someone is killing young girls all across the county. Can the ghost keep her friends safe?

Servants of the Storm by Delilah S. Dawson
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Release date: August 7th
Dovey learns that the storm that destroyed her city and stole her friend was much more than a force of nature. And now the sinister beings truly responsible are out to finish what they started.

fragile destiny suzanne lazearFragile Destiny (The Aether Chronicles #3) by Suzanne Lazear
Publisher: Flux
Release date: August 8th
In a desperate effort to keep the Otherworld from falling into darkness, Noli and V plot the daring theft of a jewel Ciarán needs to complete the staff. But Ciarán is not so easily defeated.

wordless adrianne stricklandWordless (Words Made Flesh #1) by AdriAnne Strickland
Publisher: Flux
Release date: August 8th
Eden City is divided into the illiterate class and the all-powerful Words. Khaya, the Word of Life, can heal a wound or command a bush to devour a city block with ease. And yet she needs Tavin’s help.

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