New A.S. King novel to hit shelves in 2015

Author A.S. King. Courtesyof A.S. King.

Author A.S. King. Courtesy
of A.S. King.

A.S. King announced her new novel I Crawl Through It on her blog. The surrealist story follows four teens who find unconventional ways to escape the tests of their perilous world – only to find that the only way to escape reality is to face it.

In her blog post, King shared how the story came after she quit writing – an endeavor that lasted all of two days.

“Two days after I’d quit, I started writing another novel. #19. No title. No form. Just this chunky bare prose on the page that came slowly – not at all in tune with my deadline schedules. I didn’t care if it ever turned into anything. I didn’t care if it was delivered on time the following February. I didn’t care about the business–if it would sell, what people might think of it. I just wrote it when it came,” wrote King. “The book that came out of me after those two days was a fuck-the-world book. No holding back. No censoring […] I didn’t care about fitting into a box or onto a shelf.”

I Crawl Through It will be available from Little, Brown in fall 2015. For more on A.S. King, visit her website or follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

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