Fan trailer for ‘Series of Unfortunate Events’ goes viral


[EDIT] An anonymous Netflix representative told Variety that this was not an official teaser from Netflix, and Daniel Handler referred to the user posting as a ‘trickster’.

Given the high production values of the trailer, some fans are speculating that it is real, and that lying about it would feed into the conspiracy nature of the books. However, Netflix actively denying it shoots down the rumor. “Nope, this isn’t an official Netflix teaser, but we won’t call Count Olaf – THIS IS MOST MARVELOUS,” they commented on the trailer.

But if the show is half as good as the fanmade teaser, it would be amazing indeed.

Netflix landed the rights to adapt Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events as a live-action TV series. The show is highly-anticipated and this trailer – which seems to capture the mood of the books perfectly – will only up the hype.

A Series of Unfortunate Events is written by Daniel Handler under the Lemony Snicket pseudonym, and tells the story of orphans Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire who try to find out the truth of their parents’ deaths while their villainous uncle Count Olaf tries to take their fortune. The entire series is available in print now.

Fans of the books may notice that the user who uploaded the video goes by the name Eleanora Poe. Within the canon of the Unfortunate Events, Eleanora is the editor-in-chief at the Daily Punctilio and the sister of Mr. Arthur Poe, the person in charge of the Baudelaire orphans, and is first mentioned in Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography.

A dozen Easter Eggs can be found in the video, including Violet Baudelaire’s ribbon, Klaus Baudelaire’s glasses, references to the Lucky Smells Lumbermill and the Hotel Denoument, and Count Olaf’s shadow, among others.

This is the second time the series will be adapted to live-action, as Paramount produced a movie starring Jim Carrey based on the books in 2004.

Are you excited for the ‘Series of Unfortunate Events’ show? Sound off in the comments below!

There were some typos in the original post. I apologize for my awful proofreading skills.

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