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Alexandra Adornetto believes in things unseen. Her newest novel, Ghost House, explores the supernatural and romance between two characters: Chloe, a young woman from California, and Alexander, a 157-year-old ghost from Victorian England.

Alexander wasn’t always an English gentleman. Originally, he was the ghost of a confederate soldier on the grounds of a Virginian plantation home. But after a stay in the Hampshire countryside, Adornetto dug up Alexander’s American roots and replanted them across the pond.

“I grew up on a steady diet of Jane Austen and the Brontës, so their interaction and dialogue flowed a lot more naturally when I tried it that way,” said Adornetto.

Jane Austen and the Brontë sisters weren’t the only influences that created the world of Ghost House.

“The ghost sightings Chloe describes from her childhood are drawn from my own personal experiences,” said Adornetto. “I am 100% convinced the house I lived in growing up was haunted. A lot of strange things went on there, although everything that happens to Chloe at Grange Hall is fictional. I wish the ghosts I encountered were cute 19th century gentlemen!”

In Ghost House, Chloe Kennedy starts seeing ghosts that haunted her childhood. When she meets Alexander Reade, a ghost long dead with dark secrets, she forms a strong bond with him – until Alexander’s malicious past love decides to tear them apart.

Adornetto’s storytelling process for Ghost House developed in writing, but Adornetto has the benefit of working in various mediums of storytelling. Though she is currently working on Ghost Hour, the second book in the series, she in the process of developing a screenplay and a concept for television while taking an acting class and auditioning.

Though, for Adornetto, novel writing and screenwriting couldn’t be more different.

Courtesy of HarlequinTEEN.

Courtesy of HarlequinTEEN.

“For example, being overly descriptive can kill a screenplay,” said Adornetto. “A script is just one component of a larger project and there will be a director, producer, cinematographer and a ton of other people working to bring the story to life. As the author of a novel, you are autonomous.  If you don’t tell the reader the curtains are pale blue they aren’t going to know the curtains are pale blue. [Meanwhile,] acting is feeling and responding to another person, learning to open yourself up and ensure everything your character does is rooted in something honest and true.”

All of Adornetto’s projects certainly keep her busy. Sometimes it can be frustrating to tackle so many projects because of the limitations imposed by time and life – but she is learning to be patient.

For more about Alexandra Adornetto, follow her on Facebook or her Twitter at @MissAllyGrace. Ghost House is available in stores now.

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