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stella helen eveA psychological study of beauty. The illusion of popularity.

That’s how Helen Even perceives her debut novel Stella, which hits shelves on March 25th.

Stella takes place at a boarding school and features mean girl cliques. While, yes, protagonist Stella has been compared to queen mean girl Regina George (from the film “Mean Girls”), Even began the story long before she saw the pop classic film.

“Stella rose as a reaction to many of the ‘likeable’ female heroines I was reading at the time,” said Eve.

Eve sought to challenge challenge readers expectations by placing the ‘mean girl’ at the center of the story.

Though Stella can be compared to many of the popular mean girl movies, Eve has always been inspired by books rather than films.

“There is one particular literary character that I drew on in my creation of Stella: Estella Havisham from Great Expectations. As far as teenage cliques go, I always loved the humour of Jessica’s prissy Unicorn Club in Sweet Valley Twins,” explained Eve.

While Eve writes about cliques and the popularity status quo, her high school experience was far less eventful than Stella’s – she never met any girls like the Stars! But thanks to a little bit of Google research, she can dress like them.

“I had to look up a lot of different designers to make sure that the Stars were always wearing the right outfits. I ended up buying a few things along the way, so it was sometimes expensive ‘research,'” said Eve.

Eve wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember, but began taking it seriously roughly eight years ago. “I’ve written several novels during that time, most of which no one will ever see!”

With only two more days until Stella comes out, Eve admits that she learned much in that eight year journey to becoming a published author. While a book deal may seem the most important step, it is only onestep along the way. If she could tell her pre-published self one thing?

“Be patient… everything will happen in the way it’s supposed to.”

Currently, Eve is hard at work on her second book, Siena, which is a prequel to Stella and focuses on Stella’s sister.

To learn more about Helen Eve, you can visit her on her Twitter and on My Kinda Book, the teen book club from Macmillan Publishers.

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