Maureen Johnson explains delayed release for new Shades of London book


Maureen Johnson announced the new release date for the newest novel in the Shades of London series: March 5th, 2015. The Shadow Cabinet is the third book in her series about Rory Deveaux and the secret ghost police of London. Johnson left her readers with a cliffhanger and many questions at the end of the second book, The Madness Underneath, but promises full answers in the new book: “I feel deeply responsible to everyone who reads my books.”

To explain the publication delay, Johnson blogged about what the year 2013 brought into her life, including surgery, Hurricane Sandy, a transcontinental move, book tours and conferences, a new puppy, writing the book and a novella at the same time, more medical tests, and yet another scheduled surgery.

But Johnson’s not complaining. “Almost everything about [the year]was lucky,” said Johnson, even if she eventually had to listen to her body and “remember that [her]first job is to be human.”

For more about the delay, visit Maureen Johnson’s blog.

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