Marissa Meyer announces two Lunar Chronicles novellas

glitches marissa meyer

“Glitches” art by Goni Montes

Marissa Meyer, author of the Lunar Chronicles series, announced over Twitter her plans to release two short stories prior to the release of Cress, the third book in the tetralogy.

Meyer has previously written two novellas set in the Lunar Chronicles universe – Glitches and The Queen’s Army – and both are available to read for free online through  Her novellas, usually released a few months prior to the release of the next book in the series, provide additional backstories for her main characters.  Glitches introduced Cinder to her adoptive parents in New Beijing and The Queen’s Army introduced the Kesley brothers who played a major role in book two, Scarlet.  It is presumed that the two new novellas will focus on new character Cress or fan-favourite Captain Thorne, who Meyer has already revealed will play a significant part in book four.

Meyer also hinted at more promotional news to come, with the closing words “@MacKidsBooks is always coming up with other crazy ideas too.”

For more about Marissa Meyer, visit her website.

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