Marissa Meyer announces THE LUNAR CHRONICLES prequel novel


fairest marissa meyerIn a surprise announcement, Marissa Meyer revealed a prequel novel to her Lunar Chronicles series.  Fairest tells the backstory of the series’ antagonist, the Lunar Queen Levana.

The Lunar Chronicles is a series of futuristic retellings of classic fairytales.  The series began with Cinder, a science fiction spin on the tale of Cinderella, in which cyborg mechanic Linh Cinder falls for Prince Kai of New Beijing, and learns a shocking secret about her own past.  The final book in the series, Winter, is due to be published in November 2015.

“In the fairy tale, she has the mirror, and I played with that element and that concept of what could make a woman so vain that she would commit unspeakable evil to remain the most beautiful woman in her country. I took all of that from that fairy tale and twisted it to match the world of The Lunar Chronicles,” said Meyer in the official announcement.

Fairest will be published January 27th 2015.

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