Magical Boy Basil launches Kickstarter campaign


We love queer indie comics, especially when they involve magic. Rebeckah Murray and Jill Marie Hackett are taking the next leap with Magical Boy Basil by launching a Kickstarter campaign to create physical copies of the incredibly fun digital comic.

Basil is an average teenage kid until a life-shattering event transplants his family to the sleepy town of Tanglewood. All he wants is a return to normalcy and the comfort of a familiar routine, but here, magic runs amok and teenage magicians work undercover to maintain the balance of the universe. Unfortunately for Basil, his dreams of a quiet life might be gone forever when he finds himself irrevocably tangled in more danger, school work, and imminent disaster than he can handle.

“Being able to see diverse characters in lead positions acting like heroes goes a long way toward validating and supporting individuals and communities that might otherwise have difficulty connecting with our mainstream culture,” said Hackett. “Although sharing comics online is wonderful, being able to hold a comic book in your hands and physically interact with the story has a different kind of impact on a reader. The story becomes more real, something that a reader can literally claim ownership over, and that level of connection can only be achieved through print media.”


“Supporting our Kickstarter is more than supporting just the first print issue of a comic book. It’s supporting a whole community that this story serves. Getting this project funded is an exciting next step to sharing Magical Boy Basil with more readers in new ways.”

Magical Boy Basil is a free-to-read weekly updated web comic. You can begin reading on the Magical Boy Basil website now. Magical Boy Basil’s Kickstarter will run through March 5.

Learn more about Magical Boy Basil in our feature with creators Hackett and Murray.

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