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lovely vicious sara wolfFor Sara Wolf, there is nothing as fun as writing. And writing her Lovely Vicious series was pure fun. With Isis Blake, a scarred yet smart student new to East Summit High, meeting ice prince Jack Hunter and engaging in a game of wits and love, how could it be anything but fun?

And since the series – an unequivocal self-published success with high ratings across all review sites – has been picked up by Entangled Publishing, things are only getting more fun for Wolf.

“They’re giving me new covers soon! They’re making the Lovely Vicious trilogy into paperbacks! Real, tangible books you can hold,” gushed Wolf. Like most self-published authors, the books had only been available digitally until Entangled Publishing offered her a contract. Having physical copies is a dream come true. “I can’t wait to have them on my bookshelf.”

Wolf’s talent is finally getting the recognition it deserves. But the secret to her success so far isn’t a successful marketing campaign.

“I rely less on marketing and more on how good the book is – if I’ve done a good job writing it and people relate to it, it’ll propel itself with it’s own momentum! Word of mouth is so important to me,” said Wolf.

Word of mouth works for books as strange as Wolf’s. She refuses to confine herself to one genre, writing contemporary and fantasy and science-fiction. It’s almost a wonder they’re written by the same woman.

“I think it is because I have so many ideas,” said Wolf. “They’ll wake me up in the middle of the night and I scribble them down as best I can. A really good couple dynamic usually inspires me – the goody-two shoes and the rebel drug-dealer, for instance. I need chemistry between my two leading characters, otherwise I can’t get inspired!”

But don’t let that fool you – a good bout of chemistry is not the only ingredient in Wolf’s novels. Though romance is plentiful in her books, the Lovely Vicious trilogy alone touches on heavy subjects like abuse and PTSD. But what makes the books truly special is Wolf’s ability to talk about these difficult subjects while keeping the overall tone of the book lighthearted and fun.

Wolf mixes life experience with some good old-fashioned research for her books. “If I don’t know the answer to something, or am unsure how something would play out in real life, I tend to Google it. This can lead to a lot of awkward search histories, but frankly it’s totally worth it.”

Now that the trilogy is complete, Wolf is working on other projects, and there is sure to be some more books with that special chemistry out soon.

The Lovely Vicious series is available digitally now and will be available later on this year in paperback form. For more on Sara Wolf, visit her website or follow her on Twitter of Facebook.

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