List of the Week: Ten Larger-than-Life Schools


We all wish for our Hogwarts letters, but as many of us head back to school, check out some of these larger-than-life academies!
list of the week ten larger than life schools

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Becky Thompson

Becky is a college student majoring in psychology and English and planning to work with books for the rest of her life. She loves books, cats, show tunes, books, mythology, cookies, and books. You can usually find her book-blogging at Bibliosaurus Rex... when she's not too busy hanging out at Hogwarts or somewhere else that doesn't technically exist. (Technically.)

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  1. Great post! I love books with boarding schools. Growing up I always wished I could go to one 🙂 My favorite then was in Down a Dark Hall by Lois Duncan. Now it’s Hex Hall.