Jennifer Donnelly writes new multi-platform YA series, THE WATERFIRE SAGA


Plans are in the works for Jennifer Donnelly’s new series, The Waterfire Saga, to be released as a multi-platform project from Disney Publishing Worldwide.  The first book of the four-part saga, Deep Blue, will be released in May alongside an original song and promotional video content exclusive to e-book purchasers.

The saga is a collaboration between various departments of Disney Publishing Worldwide, who commissioned Donnelly (A Northern Light) specifically for the project.  A series of graphic novels and magazines are also to be released in fall 2015 after the publication of the third novel in the series.

The Waterfire Saga is set beneath the ocean, where six mermaids seek to protect and save their hidden world. When Serafina, a mermaid of the Mediterranean Sea, awakens on the morning of her betrothal, her biggest worry should be winning the love of handsome Prince Mahdi. Yet Sera finds herself haunted by strange dreams that foretell the return of an ancient evil. Her dark premonitions are confirmed when an assassin’s arrow poisons Sera’s mother. Now Serafina must embark on a quest to find the assassin’s master and prevent a war between the Mer nations.

Deep Blue will be published on May 6th 2014 by Disney Publishing Worldwide.

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