James Patterson wins Chicago Tribune Young Adult Literary Award


The Chicago Tribune awarded author James Patterson (Maximum Ride) with the 2014 Chicago Tribune Young Adult Literary Award in recognition of his contributions to children’s literature and his efforts to improve children’s literacy.

A prolific author of children’s, young adult and adult novels, Patterson is a supporter and active participant in several programs and conferences promoting children’s literacy.  He funds scholarships at 17 universities for student teachers, and recently donated $1 million to independent bookstores and reading programs supporting children’s literature across America.

“As an individual, I can’t solve the health care crisis or even begin to influence it. Whatever you think about global warming, I can’t do much about that. But I can get a lot more kids reading,” said Patterson.

The Chicago Tribune Young Adult Literary Award was founded in 2003 and has previously honoured such authors as John Green and Judy Blume for their contributions to children’s literature.  Patterson will accept the award during the 30th annual Printers Row Lit Fest in Chicago on June 7th – 8th.  For more, visit the Chicago Tribune.

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