Jack Thorne to write His Dark Materials show for BBC One


the golden compass philip pullmanJack Thorne will adapt Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series for BBC One.

“It is such an honor and a privilege to be given this opportunity to delve into Philip Pullman’s world,” said Thorne, who was nominated a historic three times for this year’s BAFTA Awards, to Deadline. “The His Dark Materials trilogy are vast and glorious books full of beautiful characters and I’m going to work as hard as I can to try and do justice to them.”

In The Golden Compass, the first book of the His Dark Materials series, Lyra Belacqua sets off to find her kidnapped friend Roger with the aid of a golden compass. But more children around her are disappearing, and both her uncle Lord Asriel and her caretaker Mrs. Coulter seem involved.

The His Dark Materials TV show will be produced by Bad Wolf and New Line Cinema. It will be filmed in Wales.

It won’t be the first time the His Dark Materials series has been adapted. A Golden Compass film starring Dakota Blue Richards and Nicole Kidman released from New Line released in 2006. A stage production of the series ran in two parts at the National Theatre in 2003.

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