What new international YA books release in March 2015? (March 31)


What new international YA books release in March 2015? Here’s a selection of some of the new international YA books hitting the shelves this week.


under my skin zoe markhamUnder My Skin by Zoe Markham
Publisher: Carina UK
Release date: March 31st
Chloe was once a normal girl. Now Chloe’s mother is dead, her father is a shell of the man he used to be and the secrets that had so carefully kept their family together are falling apart.

empire of night kelley armstrongEmpire of Night (Age of Legends #2) by Kelley Armstrong
Publisher: Atom
Release date: April 1st
Sisters Moria and Ashyn are the Keeper and Seeker of Edgewood. Or at least, they were. Now, the emperor has sent them on a mission to rescue the children of Edgewood.

if you were me sam hepburnIf You Were Me by Sam Hepburn
Publisher: Chicken House
Release date: April 2nd
Not long after Aliya’s family escapes Afghanistan for Britain, her brother is accused of a bomb attack. Aliya is sure of his innocence, but when Dan finds a gun in their bathroom, what’s she to think?

i'll give you the sun jandy nelsonI’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson
Publisher: Walker Books
Release date: April 2nd
Jude and her twin brother Noah used to be inseparable but now they are barely speaking. If they could just find their way back to one another, they’d have a chance to remake their world.

othergirl nicole bursteinOthergirl by Nicole Burstein
Publisher: Andersen
Release date: April 2nd
Louise and Erica have been best friends since forever. They’re closer than sisters and depend on each other for almost everything. Just one problem: Erica has superpowers.

Salt & Stone (Fire & Flood #2) by Victoria Scott
Publisher: Chicken House
Release date: April 2nd
In the next legs of the Brimstone Bleed, across the ocean and over mountains, Tella will face frostbite, sharks, avalanche, and twisted new rules in the race.

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