Harry Potter Celebrations Set for January 2014


Since J.K. Rowling introduced the world to Harry Potter, children have looked to the skies and wished that they would see an owl welcoming them to Hogwarts. Maybe you can’t walk through a brick wall to Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, or get fitted for your own wand – but next January, Universal Orlando is giving devout fans of the series a chance to celebrate the Boy Who Lived in style.

The event is projected from January 22 to January 24th.

Choreographer Paul Harris, the dueling instructor for the feature films based off the series, is billed as one of the main attractions. He will be holding a wand master-class. According to Christian Science Monitor, fans can also expect question-and-answer sessions, and a tribute to the films, with select actors from the movie franchise – though names are still being withheld until the festival preparations are nearly completed.

There are vacation packages currently available on the official website. The Celebration is included, along with other treats such as entry to a private reception with free Butterbeer and light refreshments. However, for those who don’t want to break the bank, general admission tickets are also being sold – with a discount to counter the front-gate rates – that will also allow holders to enjoy the festival, though they must be warned that all special events are first-come, first-serve.

Fans already seem prepared for the celebration to become a yearly event. It will definitely benefit Universal, who usually finds a trickle of tourists to the Wizarding World around the winter months. In addition, reports suggest that the festival may also be the launch for a new area of the park, which will be based off Diagon Alley and purportedly includes a ride based off the Gringotts bank of series fame.

However, rumors aside, the festival line-up thus far promises to be anything a Harry Potter fan has dreamed of. Come prepared with your Galleons and an open imagination. When the Wizarding World is open to you, you never know what you’ll find – or what can happen.

For more information, you can visit the Wizarding World website. You can also read the Christian Science Monitor’s more extensive description of the event here.

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