Here are some guidelines for Team Interrobang writers to help them with posts.


Remember to start every interview with asking the pronouns of the author. For some reason, this confuses some publicists, so I’ve taken to formatting it thusly: What pronouns do you use? (she/her, he/him, they/them, etc.)

Focus on book-related questions when interviewing authors; at least half the questions should be related to their most recent work. You can ask hella specific plot things or something as vague as what inspired a certain character.

Always end the interview by asking the author what else they want readers to know about their work.

Post Format Reminders

If you are uploading a cover of a book, please title the book with the title and author name (ie: “illuminae amie kaufman jay kristoff”) before uploading. If you are uploading any other photo, please be specific in the title (ie: “bookexpo america 2015 margaret stohl”).

“quote,” said person’s last name <- is the correct format.

If you are ambitious, you can add links to Indiebound in your post and save me ten minutes of work. All you have to do is search for the book you’re mentioning and add the hyperlink with the addition of ?aff=yainterrobang at the end of the link.


If you want to upload an image, please make sure the image has not been uploaded to the site before. If it has, choose and embed that image. If the image has not been uploaded to the site, save it with a specific file name before uploading it. All book covers should be labeled with the name of the book and the name of the author.

Please make sure to find an HQ image! Don’t pull from Goodreads – go through Google and search for a larger image.

If you need to upload an image, please run it through Tinypng before uploading to save bandwidth.

Book covers should link to their Indiebound pages. Other images should not link to anything unless otherwise specified.


Please make sure the format of your lists match format of previous lists, with publisher and release date included as well as a 3-5 sentence blurb.

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